About Us

We’ve been in the industry long enough, so we like to think we know exactly what makes a great building services engineering consultancy.

We love our job and we think that passion shows in everything we do, and we bring this to the table for our clients. This helps us offer our clients ‘best in class’ all-round advice. 

Our mission is to combine our engineering expertise with our passion for the environment and sustainability to deliver better and more efficient buildings for our Clients.

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About Us

Keeping it simple

Like any other job, it all comes down to communication. At Eteria, we take pride in our commitment to collaboration with all stakeholders, including clients, design teams, and on-site contractors. We keep it simple, clear and concise to effectively deliver our message all without the technobabble, vague jargon or complex lingo.

In an era where the global industry is rapidly transitioning towards achieving net-zero emissions and decarbonization, we strive to stay on-trend with current engineering technologies, more so than ever now that building performance and environment sustainability is at the forefront. We never stop learning and evolving. We seek to utilise the latest products and solutions to make the most of our client’s projects maximising potential, always!

Our Values

It is at the core of everything we do. Our clients can trust us to deliver on our promises.


We aim to create a strong reputation through our prompt and clear service delivery.

Client-First Approach

Our clients are at the core of our business. We take time to understand our client’s goals and tailor our advice to their specific requirements.


This is our standard, not our goal. We hold ourselves to the highest quality and performance standards, striving for perfection in all our projects through time-tested quality assurance.


We embrace change combined with a little bit of disruption to the ‘norms’. Engineering is all about problem solving through innovation; constantly evolving and adapting to provide the best possible solution.


We strive to do right by the environment and society because, now more than ever before, we need to be working together towards a sustainable future.  And we will deliver this, our values and our business through responsible, best-practice management.